Summer Solstice Swim

Summer has arrived and the Ferkin Family took full advantage with a trip up to Grandpa Rick’s for a swim in the pool.  Noah, Emily, and Parker have all had swim lessons at our local Splash! here in La Mirada this spring.

Emily and Noah still prefer to wear swim masks that cover their noses and make it easy to hold their breath.  In fact they are a little to dependent on the masks than I would like them to be.

This also was our first opportunity to submerge our GoPro Hero3 White camera that I bought a month ago or so.  I’ve used it on the mountain bike but this was its first aquatic experience.  I think it took pretty sharp, good video.  What you see here is more compressed and shows some pixelation.  At higher bitrates the pixelation is gone. (click “HD,” for sharper picture/fullscreen)


One thought on “Summer Solstice Swim

  1. Very Nice… can’t wait to see the video of that thing strapped to Field as I send him on a nice whip on the tube! or even better… strap it to the front of Forest’s Ski….that is if he can still get up! ;-D

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