Fun on Bane Ridge

We (Joe and I) always have a good time on Bane Ridge Trail on the eastern side of our mountain biking haven, the Chino Hills State Park.  We don’t get to that side of the park too often because it is more of a drive.  But we got up early this last Saturday (in Ferkin-speak, that means like 8am) and headed over there.  It was a sunny but comfortable day and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I got some footage with the new GoPro Hero3 White, as well as, old reliable point-and-shoot Canon.  I’ve attempted to get more in the frame than just trail and to keep the clips fairly short to improve the video’s watchability.  See for yourself:


3 thoughts on “Fun on Bane Ridge

  1. Love the suspension… you can really see it working in relation to the Tire… Favorite part is when you hit the turn and put some good leaning into it.. you can really tell how fast you are going when you see the lean very nice video… I am so glad you bought that GOPRO for me! Wait til we get it in the water!

    • Yes, that camera’s perspective lets you see things from an angles that isn’t normally seen…and that its kind of cool. It will be fun to get it into the water and see what that is like.

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