I Feel Like I’m Being Followed?

Several years ago I bought a bike trailer that attaches to the seat post of your bike and lets your kid ride behind you.  I think I paid like $80 at Target for it.  We’ve used it on and off over the years but a little over a month ago I started taking Noah on mountain bike rides with me.  I take him once a week, usually on Monday or Tuesday.  I even bought him some gloves to make it easier for him to hang on.  He seems to really like it and asks me if we are going when the beginning of the week rolls around.

We’ve mainly been doing the Fullerton Loop (or at least ¾ of it) but he has been asking to go “up in the mountains” so today we rode up through Powder Canyon, above Schabarum Regional Park.

Almost to the summit :)

Almost to the summit 🙂

I definitely notice him back there.  I’m guessing he adds about 80 lbs. with the trailer.  It is a good workout.  Having the trailer behind me also makes it harder to keep my front wheel on the ground when we are going up steep stuff.  So far we haven’t had a wreck, so that is good.  I’ve been pretty cautious so far but with experience we’ve gotten more comfortable and started to go faster.  We hit 22mph on one downhill today.  He hasn’t fallen off yet; that is good too.

You will also notice I finally broke down and bought a GoPro video camera.  I purchased the Hero3 White version, the cheapest one.  So far it has produced some pretty good videos.  I can already tell that taking video from an angle that you don’t usually see can make for some interesting shots.  The video for this ride was shot (if you couldn’t tell) with the camera attached to my seat post.

Here’s some video:


3 thoughts on “I Feel Like I’m Being Followed?

    • Yeah we did get going pretty fast on that one. I try to only let it go when the trail looks smooth enough…I have full suspension…he has…none.

      He doesn’t pedal at all. Zero. He has some pedaling block. He wouldn’t even pedal the tricycles at his preschool. We definitely need to figure that one out and get him pedaling.

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