The Steeper the Better

Freesia, Jordan, Joseph, and I all hit the trail today for a summer ride in Chino Hills.  It really wasn’t a scorcher but temperatures in the 80°s, little wind, and some physical exertion can really make you feel hot.  Luckily we made our own wind…by riding fast…I don’t know what you were thinking.

Jordan & Freesia gettin’ ready

This ride included Bane Ridge Trail, which runs from the east side of the Chino Hills State Park.  After encountering a baby rattlesnake (probably about 18″ long, with a lump in the middle of its body, guess it had eaten recently) we headed out along the ridge which features two VERY steep drops and lots of winding single track trail.

Then we headed over to “Elevator” before heading back out more or less the same way we came in.

Here is a video of the action (click “HD” and then watch on Vimeo for bigger, sharper picture):


2 thoughts on “The Steeper the Better

    • Yeah, I don’t really have a lot of fast music, and I felt like this video needed some fast music, so it seemed to fit the bill.

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