Swimmin’ Lessons

With Paige recuperating from the birth of Cole, I took off a week from work and got to be around our other children in ways I normally miss.  This means I got to take Noah to his swimming lessons that he is taking at our nearby La Mirada Splash. 

Splash is the same place I did my lap swimming for my weight loss competition.  Noah is taking swimming lessons and then in just a few weeks Emily will start too.  Emily is especially cautious but is aware that most girls her age can already swim, so she is motivated to overcome that barrier.

I watched the whole swim lesson and it became apparent almost immediately that learning to swim takes a healthy dose of courage.  Inevitably their swim teacher would ask them to do something that they really weren’t sure they could do…like swim out into the water when they knew most likely they would sink and go underwater.

I thought back to the swim lesson my father gave me.  I don’t really know how old I was but it was at the CalHi swimming pool.  Somehow someone was in possession of a key to the gate and we were swimming there on a weekend afternoon.  My dad grabbed me and chucked me into the middle of the deep end…and because I had to I managed to swim over to the side of the pool.  And then I knew I could swim.  I am almost certain that I was older than Noah.

I will be really happy if both Emily and Noah “graduate” from swim lessons with the ability to hold their breath underwater and even do some swimming underwater.  I think that is the easiest kind of swimming and the funnest too.

Noah’s swim teacher took a small diving ring and would hold it underwater.  Noah and the other class members had to reach down into the water and grab it and bring it up.  Eventually she would hold it deep enough that they would have to submerge their heads in order to reach it.  On Noah’s first attempt he went down, was under the water for a good couple of seconds but came up empty-handed.  I think it scared him to have his head underwater for so long and despite the teacher’s coaxing, he didn’t want to try again.  I watched admiringly as Noah summoned the courage to bury his head in the water again and this time come up with the ring!

Pretty good stuff.  I am excited to see Emily be placed in the same situation.

Here are some pictures from the lesson (click on any to see in slideshow format):


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