Runner-Up Ain’t Bad

Just over two weeks have passed since my 10 week “Biggest Loser” competition concluded and…I came in second just like I thought I would.

I really had no chance of catching the guy who came in first.  Not only did he win the competition the year before, in our whole school district (not just our school), but he won it again this time for our whole district too.  He ended up losing 48 lbs, but started at 220 lbs for a final percentage north of 22%.  Congratulations to him!

Here are my final stats: In the 10 weeks I lost 44.6 lbs for a percentage of 17.6%, good enough for second place at my school and 4th out of 196 people in the whole school district.  Here is my final weight loss chart:

click for larger image

I really pushed it as hard as I could at the end, losing 13 lbs in the final two weeks.  I biked AND swam in the same day several times.

The Biggest Male Loser and Biggest Female Loser at my school each won $150.  The Female Runner-up and I each received $100.  I also found out that had I participated in last year’s competition, my 17.6% would have been the best.

My next challenge is keeping the weight-off.  Coming off the competition has not been so easy.  I went from eating whatever I wanted before the competition to a very restricted diet during the competition.

Now what I need to find is a happy medium of moderation, which requires more decision-making.  I am still searching for something that will work for me.  I would like to be at about 200 lbs by the time the school year comes to an end.  But even more than that I would like to settle into a lifestyle that I can actually live with while staying at this new, reduced weight.


One thought on “Runner-Up Ain’t Bad

  1. Maybe you could talk to Tyler. He has lost ??? in the last year, and is settling into a routine to keep it off. I know he uses some protien meal replacement.

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