Up On the Ridge

Freesia and Jordan were in town this weekend and joined us for some mountain biking in Chino Hills.  We all headed out to the eastern end of the park to ride a trail we hadn’t ridden in a while.

Improvement in one’s fitness is very incremental; so incremental that it is often hard to notice at all.  But not having ridden this trail for probably 6 months gave us a better look at our improved stamina and speed.  Dad made it up both climbs without ANY breaks.  First time ever.

Of course we hit up the exciting “Elevator” section of the trail on our way back out of the park.

By the time we finished the 12.5 mile loop, Freesia commented that she had never been more exhausted after a bike ride.

Pictures from our ride (click on any pic to see it full screen):


2 thoughts on “Up On the Ridge

  1. Very Nice video… one negative part of the weight loss… no chance now in beating the top speed on the Elevator 😉 You look you good… did you win it?

    • Yeah, I don’t think I have as much momentum going down a hill as I used to…but it sure helps going UP a hill.

      My next post will be about the final outcome of the weight-loss competition 🙂

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