Flower Fields in Carlsbad

Paige and I enjoyed a short excursion out of town to Carlsbad, CA this past Friday/Saturday.  Carlsbad is probably about ¾ of the way down to San Diego, a little less than an hour and a half of driving.  Grandpa Joe moved in with the kids for the night and helped make our trip possible.

We started our trip south with a stop at the Newport Beach Temple.  Paige has some ancestors for whom we had provided baptisms and we took some time to further their work.  It was especially meaningful to me to stand in for Grandpa Darrell’s father William Harrison Parks.

Of course we hit up Pei-Wei on our way out of Newport Beach.

We stayed the night at the Residence Inn there in Carlsbad, which made our trip to the famous Flower Fields very easy.  What a beautiful place overlooking the Pacific in a sea of color.  We took a tour in a tractor pulled wagon and even successfully maneuvered their sweet pea maze.

We had a good time and think it we might have to return in April with our children when even more of the Flower Fields will be in bloom.  Here are some pictures from our trip:


2 thoughts on “Flower Fields in Carlsbad

    • Pei-Wei is a casual chinese food restaurant. I believe it is owned/run by the same company that runs PF Changs, but Pei-Wei is less expensive.

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