Bovinian Delight

Freesia and Jordan were in town for Thanksgiving so we got together and went for a pretty adventurous ride in the Chino Hills State Park.  We rode a 10 mile loop that includes a trail called “Bovinian Delight.”

Bovinian Delight is a 1 mile “single track” that is not too much wider than a foot  and narrowly winds through several valleys up to a trail along a ridge that ends the loop.  Bovinian Delight is not steep but it takes some skill to navigate it and some courage to not let the steep grade below you psyche you out.

We even saw some grazing cows near their namesake trail.  The hills have already shed their brown, dusty, summer appearance for a beautiful shade of green.

Everyone made the trip successfully.  We had a near vomit and an actual vomit and now I think we all know that sushi and a long bike ride are NOT a match made in heaven.

Here are some pictures from the ride.  I have been noticing that my little Canon pocket camera was not focusing correctly and today’s pictures confirmed that the camera is not operating correctly.  Sorry about the blur.

I am also trying out WordPress’s new “gallery” feature.  You should be able to click on any of the pictures below and they should come up fullscreen.

Here is some edited video from the day (w/ soundtrack :))


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