Grandma Millie Passes

On my way to work last Thursday my distraught mother called to tell me the news of my Grandma Millie’s passing earlier that morning.  Grandma had been having some health difficulties that had put her in the hospital.  We had heard news that she wasn’t improving but her death came as a surprise, especially to my mother.

Grandma passed about a year after Grandpa Jack passed, at the age of 87.

Today we held her funeral in Bountiful, Utah, where Grandma had grown up and returned to when she moved from Whittier around 1990.  Both Flint and I flew in for her funeral, arriving late Tuesday evening and then returning to our homes this evening, one day later.

It was a good experience to be with family and reflect on the impacts both direct and indirect that Grandma Millie had on our lives.  Today was a reminder that the roles of mother and father really wrinkle through generations of time and matter so very much.

I conducted Grandma’s funeral.  Mom and Aunt Susie spoke and Grandma’s granddaughters sang a song that she had special meaning for her.

Here are some pictures from the day:

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3 thoughts on “Grandma Millie Passes

  1. Forest,

    Sorry to hear of about your Grandmother. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.


    Robert Thompson

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