Sand & Sun

The Ferkin Family made use of the waning days of summer to head to the beach for some sand, salt, and sun this last week.  Really the days are only waning for me.  Emily’s school district starts school more than a week after my district so she still has some time.  (Technically, Noah resumes pre-school the same day school officially begins for me but his first day is a swim party so I’m not sure that counts :). )

Anyway we headed down to our new favorite beach, Crystal Cove, just for the day.  I wonder if Huntington Beach misses us?

We multi-tasked this particular day as I had sold my Nikon 18-200mm lens via my ad on Craigslist to a man from San Diego and we met in Irvine to make the exchange.  It’s always nice to have a few extra hundred dollar bills at the beach right?

The week before our day at Crystal Cove thrilled with a sizable swell.  My Dad, a surfer in his earlier life who was there with us, said some of the taller sets were topping 6 feet.  He and I were out in them but they were just about shore breaking so neither of us tried to go over the falls (or even go for a ride) but just feeling their power and speed was exhilarating enough.

This time, however, we had smooth seas.  This did make it a lot easier to take Noah and Emily out for some coasting over the small waves.  We were also smarter this second trip to Crystal Cove and made the trip back before the freeway really congested.  It was a fun day; here are some pictures:

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