Sierra Cascades

We saw a couple of beautiful waterfalls during our trip in the Eastern Sierras.  Below is some video of them.

The first is a waterfall just above the Twin Lakes area where we camped all week long outside of Bridgeport, CA.  It was a short hike up to the falls and we took all ten kids up the trail.  Parker even made the journey, strapped to my back.  This waterfall is more than 50 yards in length and just kind of tumbles from rock to rock, creating a stumbling, frothy display.  Very nice!

The second waterfall I think has been notable ever since Ansel Adams visited the location many years ago.  It is Rainbow Falls near Mammoth and Devil’s Postpile.  We had to hike a decent distance, with a decent grade to this one.  Luckily the pay off in beauty was good.  This waterfall drops water about 100 feet and creates a mist that…wouldn’t you know it…had a rainbow.  You will even be able to see it in the video.


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