High Time in the Sierras

I told Paige that I never remembered this area where her family has camped for 40 years being so beautiful.

We recently returned from my 4th visit to the Robinson Creek area below Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport, CA in the Eastern High Sierras.  It seems that our wet winter left an abundance of snow on the Sawtooth Range that was so striking.

We enjoyed 7 days with Mother Nature and had a wonderful time.  We visited Mammoth (first time for me) and discovered that the snow sports mecca turns into a mountain bike haven in the summer.  While at Mammoth we hiked in to see the Devil’s Postpile National Monument and Rainbow Falls.

Another highlight of the trip was the deer who were “fawning.”  So we got to see some little baby deer.  We were advised not to bother them.  I guess it is like making a mother bear mad by messing with the cubs except that a deer can’t maul you to death.

We got a little rain just before we left but otherwise had nice weather and enjoyed our time together.  Here are some pictures:

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One thought on “High Time in the Sierras

  1. Devil’s postpile is one cool rock formation. Looks like a fun trip. We need to figure out a way to get our bikes to Kings canyon.

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