June Festivities

June is a month when my father gets to double dip.  Fathers’ Day and his birthday.  For Fathers’ Day we had both Rick and Joe over for a celebration of their patriarchy.  We had lots of family with us for the day.  Jarrod and Marianne were visiting from Idaho and Freesia and Jordan came up from Escondido.

Then this evening we celebrated Dad’s 59th birthday.  He asked for enchiladas and angel food cake for dessert.  We even got in a game of Settlers of Catan.  Clearly it is his month.  It was his THIRD win in a row!

Here are a few pictures from both days:

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10 thoughts on “June Festivities

  1. Hi,
    I was searching at Ferkins and your blog showed up. I can se that you show the weather at Ferkingstad in Norway. Is there any reason for that? I live at that place.
    There are many from my place who imigrated to USA in the begining of the 1900 century.
    My Grandma had 3 brothers named Ferkingstad who imigrated to USA and they never heard anything from them.I wondered if I could ask you: Have you any relatives in Norway?.


  2. Wow, thanks for contacting us. Yes, my great-grandfather immigrated from Ferkingstad, Norway. His name was Ole Johann Olson. He was born 29 October 1888, according to family.

    Ole changed his last name to Ferkin when he came to America. He came with a brother named Hans. They also had a brother named Christ, which I believe was short for Christopher.

    I’m sure I have relatives in Norway and I would love to have contact with them. Maybe the information I have provided is enough to confirm if we are related (or not). I have more information that I could look up if it would be helpful to you.


  3. That was great!! The 3 brothers name were Johan Kristian b1883, Ole Johan b1888, and Hans Jakob b1892 Olsen. My Grandmothers name was Petronelle b 1900. She was thyeir youngest sister. I want all information you can give me. You have many relatives in Norway..

    Nora Solli

  4. Wonderful! Nora this is amazing! My name is Flint Ferkin, I am Forest Ferkin’s little brother. I live in Sacramento, California, USA

    Please tell us about Ferkingstad.

    • Yes, there must be a resemblance, everyone seems to notice. Most people ask if we are brothers. I don’t know if that should make my Dad feel good, or me feel bad, or both.

      (Actually it doesn’t bother me, at all.)

      The ONLY thing about you that seems 62 is the silver in your hair! Well that and your wisdom :).

  5. Ferkingstad is a small place on Karmøy island. I think there lives about 1500 people here. It`s a very nice place to live. The house where Ole Johan lived is still there. It`s very close to the sea and in stormy weather it`s a facinating place. I have some pictures of the area if it`s of interesting.

    my e-mail adress is: os-solli@online.no
    If someone in the family have information about the 3 brother I will be very grateful.

    • Thank you for the description. Our whole family is excited to have been contacted by you. We have always been curious about our Norwegian roots. To discover relatives still living in the same place is like a dream come true. And you even know English!

      I have already begun to prepare some family history pedigrees to send you. I also plan to write up a short narrative history to try to fill you in on what has become of your relatives who came to America. I will send these things to you as I finish them. Thank you for your email address, I will use it to send things to you.

      We are also interested in pictures, addresses, and histories of all of you. I looked up Ferkingstad yesterday on Google Maps. I had done this before, years ago, but this time the map was much more detailed. It looks so green and so close to the sea!

  6. Hi. This is very great, our missing relatives in US are found. We thougt perhaps, that my grandma Petronelle s brothers in US had not got any children… Nora told me that she had found you. I tried some years ago but failed.

    I live in Ferkingstad too. The house where Ole Johan grow up is quite close to the see. The view from the house is to an old viking harbour Hop. The sea was higher up at that time. So the harbour was bigger than to day. The viking ship must have been quite big. You can still see the stones laying in the fields from two boat houses, “båtnaustene i Hop”, The biggest is 34 meter long.

    I look forward to the story of the three brothers in US.


    • Hello!

      My grandmother was Hazel Ferkin. Her father was “John Ferkin” from Norge who was born in 1883/84, from what I can tell. Hazel grew up in Roland, Story, Iowa. I think an Ole Ferkin lived there also at that time. Might “John” be Johan? When I visited my Lindebraekke relatives in Norway and I referred to my grandmother as a Ferkin, they told me that her family is from Ferkingstad and that they must have changed the name here in the. U.S. I hope we can connect!


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