A Day on the Trail

This past Friday Field, Dad, and I all took a mountain bike ride together.  We chose for our excursion our favorite Telegraph Canyon Trail through the Chino Hills State Park.  It is fairly flat, has several creek crossings, and gets you “out into nature” right away.  See our route here.

We hauled all three bikes on the bike hitch I bought several months ago.  I am very happy with that purchase; it has made transporting our bikes so convenient.  We even have room for one more bike if anyone else out there wants to tag along.

all racked up and ready

Dad made his longest ride so far.  Field and I went all the way to Four Corners.  Dad made it to the benches that are about ½ mile before that.  Field and I rode about 11 miles, round trip and Dad did 10.  We snapped a shot of us at the benches using the camera’s self-timer.

Ready for the DOWNHILL return trip

The trail crosses a small creek about 4 times.  I had been doing a good job pulling up on the handle bars and clearing the creek with my front wheel.  This is good because I don’t get any water spray on my legs, socks, etc.  But the last crossing my front wheel didn’t clear the whole creek and muddy water went flying everywhere.  Good thing I was wearing glasses.

better than mud in my eyes

Dad’s arms and hands got a little tired from the ride on the way back so he thought he would rest by riding one handed on some of the straight parts of the trail…didn’t works so well, his first wreck.

just a little road rash

Finally, her is a little video from the day:


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