Schools Out…for Summer

The sun has set on my eighth year of teaching at Santa Fe High School.  I feel like I can say that this last year was my best.  I did some new things with my students who fail that I thought were very effective.   I am cautiously optimistic about my test scores that will come out at the beginning of August.  Of course I probably just jinxed myself by writing that, doe!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days of school.

my "TA" and all of the papers she recorded over the whole year

tried to make one stack but it was too wobbly, would have been over 6ft

Farewell Assemby in the Sant Fe Gym

it was a full house, don't tell the fire marshall


4 thoughts on “Schools Out…for Summer

    • About the paper…one of my students asked me, “Are you going to recycle that?”

      I guess I get a little tired of the environmental police so I replied, “No, I’m gonna burn it in my backyard…then I’m gonna pour motor oil on the ashes…then I’m gonna dip birds in it…then I’m gonna bury the ash-oil mixture in my backyard so it gets in the ground water.”

      I’m not joking, I really said that. And the students got more and more excited as I got crazier and crazier :).

  1. Funny thing is, that if you DID recycle that paper it would cause MORE pollution than your crazy idea. I have a buddy that ran safety team at a company that sold recycled paper and cardboard to China. He explained to me that it is a huge money maker and in no way helps the environment. China had to shut down their recycling plants for months to clear the air before the Olympics and his company slowed to a snails pace because no one buys the stuff except for China. Too dirty to recycle in USA. Now that’s Crazy!

    • In college my Civil Liberties professor was very liberal. His wife worked for a paper company. He told all of us that we could use as much paper as we wanted because they grow the trees for all of the paper no problem.

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