Chino Hills Excursion

This past Saturday morning I decided to take the kids on a short hike in our nearby Chino Hills State Park.  I have done quite a bit of mountain biking in the southwest region of the park but have not done much exploring in the northeast part of the park.

It is the northeast side of the park that has the very nice campground complete with newly built bathrooms (including showers), an amphitheater, and several historical exhibits that detail the use of the land in the past for ranching.

Field and I have accessed the southwest side of the park on mountain bike from Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  The northeast side of the park is a longer (though not long) drive off the 71 Freeway at Soquel Canyon Parkway.  I think it took us a ½ hour drive to get there this particular morning.

We invited Grandpa Joe to join us this morning.  Emily and Noah walked along, with only a few complaints, and I had Parker on my back.  It was a warm day once the May Gray burned off.  We hiked about 2¼ miles.

We saw a few cottontail rabbits, a lizard, some squirrels, and a couple of interesting birds.

I think our next step will be to take our tent trailer in for a night out in the park.  The only drawback is that there are no campfires allowed after May 1 due to wildfire concerns.  Here are some pictures:

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One thought on “Chino Hills Excursion

  1. FUN! Im assuming Paige was enjoying some much needed R n R in Palm Springs? What a good Daddy!!
    I miss those kiddos!!

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