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This last weekend the men from my ward headed out to the desert beyond 29 Palms for a shooting trip.  We left on a Friday afternoon, spent the night, woke up in the morning, and then we riddled everything in range with holes.

I believe we had a total of 21 gun-slingers of various ages.  I didn’t get a count but I’m certain that we had plenty more guns than people.  And quite a variety too.  Pistols (revolver and clip styles), rifles, shotguns.  More variety than the donut shop.

Dave, who organized the shooting aspect of the trip and spent several hundred dollars of our pooled resources purchasing ammunition at Walmart, said they asked him why he needed so many bullets.

Also joining us out in the desert were all of our targets; old propane tanks, lots of plastic containers, baseballs and golf balls hanging from strings, clay pigeons, and a bowling pin to just name a few.

The standout gun of the trip was Daniel’s .44 magnum.  Everyone knew when it had been fired.  In fact the night before I caught a couple of discharges on film that highlight its power.  Nothin’ like 2 feet of flames leaping from a barrel :).



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