Let’s Go Camping :)

The Ferkin Family had been mulling over buying a tent trailer for some time and so on my recently concluded spring break I had two goals: Buy a tent trailer and clean my garage so that I would have a place to put it.

I’m happy to announce I am two for two.

In fact I found the tent trailer on my first day of vacation, on Saturday, so I didn’t let any grass grow under my feet.  The trailer is not new but it is new to us.  It is fairly roomy for this style of camper with a king size bed on one side and a full size bed on the other.  It also has two other beds located in the central area of the camper.  It has a sink, stove, and refrigerator.

We were anxious to give the trailer a test drive so we set up a quick camping trip to San Clemente State Beach for Thursday night.  Fawn was in town so a bunch of Ferkins (Mom and Dad, Fawn, Owen, Ben, and Jonathan, and Freesia and Jordan) all met us down at the campsite for some food and a fire.  We stayed the night and my kids thoroughly enjoyed our little house on wheels.

We are looking forward to much more camping now that our trailer will make it that much more comfortable and convenient.

Here are some pictures:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Camping :)

  1. sweet camper bro!!!! man that looks like fun! sorry I missed the party, we were out in Monterey chillin’ w/o the children

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