Swollen with Fruit

As per the usual Ferkin Family tradition, January brings the annual lemon harvest.  At this point in the year Grandpa Art and Grandma Dot’s small yet prodigious lemon tree is swollen with fruit so we stop by and unburden it.

(I had chosen another title for this post, but after I looked at what I had typed in the last sentence I decided that “swollen with fruit” was too eye-catching to pass up as a title.)

After the picking comes the lemon washing, followed by the halving, and then finally the juicing.  We believe we set a record this year by extracting 6½ gallons of pure lemon juice.  We even left a few low-hangers for Grandma to give to friends later.

Last year’s harvest netted 5 gallons of juice, which was an excellent haul.  For the math nerds out there you will see that we had a 30% increase in juice over last year.  We’re almost growing as fast as China’s economy!  By the way you might want to check out last year’s post using the link at the beginning of this paragraph.  I did a sweet time lapse that is worth seeing a second time, if I do say so myself.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

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3 thoughts on “Swollen with Fruit

    • It was 87 degrees that day so I was trying to work something with “Heat” and “Sweet” but the lemons are “Sour” but that doesn’t rhyme with “Heat” like “Sweet” does. I think I had written something like “Heat & non-Sweet.”

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