San Diego Get-away

A friend Paige grew up with got married recently in San Diego and invited us to attend the ceremony.  We decided to go and, because it’s more than a few miles away and because the timing was close to our anniversary, we decided to make a weekend of it.

San Diego Temple

My parents, especially my Mom, generously assumed the role of live-in grandma so we were able to leave the kids in good hands and in their own beds which worked out great.

Paige and I stayed two nights in the Marriott Residence Inn in Carlsbad (gotta love the breakfast :)).  We drove down Friday night and then returned Sunday evening.

On Saturday we attended Aaron Thomas’ marriage ceremony in the San Diego Temple.  Aaron is just a year younger than Paige.  Aaron’s mother used to hire Paige to “babysit” her three kids, but it wasn’t really babysitting.  Instead Paige was basically there to be the bodyguard of the youngest, only daughter.

Saturday afternoon we met up with Jordan and Freesia who live in nearby Escondido.

Jordan & Freesia at Mormon Battalion VC

After lunch we went down to San Diego from La Jolla, where the temple is, to go through the Mormon Battalion Visitors’ Center in Old Town.  We really enjoyed the new, multi-media tour that was redone about one year ago.  We also hadn’t realized that it sits in Old Town San Diego which is filled with other historical sites and things to do.  We plan to take the kids back with us at some point; they would really enjoy it.

Point Loma from Coronado Island

Sunday we decided to go to Coronado “Island” since neither of us had been there before.

It sounded interesting but we discovered it wasn’t that special nor was it an island.  While we there we spotted an elevated section of the coast and decided that it would be a neat place to explore.  The place, we learned, is called Point Loma and is the location of Cabrillo National Monument.  Paige and I were both surprised that we had never even known about the place even though it belongs to the National Parks system.   We were blown away by the beauty of the area.  It figures that they pick only the best for “National Monument” status.

Cabrillo National Monument, besides its picturesque location overlooking the blue waters of the Pacific, also boasts a lighthouse, tidepools, and a host of other features.  Our only disappointment was not having enough time to see all that we wanted to see (because we wasted our time at Coronado).  Guess we’ll have to go back.

In any event we had a wonderful weekend and found all well when we returned.

Cabrillo National Monument

Intertidal area of Cabrillo National Monument

HDR of Fort Rosecrans Cemetary at Point Loma


One thought on “San Diego Get-away

  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures. Since we saw you at the reception I feel like Carol and I shared in your weekend.

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