Carved Orange Gourds

The Ferkin Family began our tradition of carving pumpkins four years ago, when we had kids but were no longer living in an apartment.  Now that we are up to 3 kids we are up to 3 pumpkins.  (See past carvings here, here, and here.)

Emily announced this year that next year we will have 4 pumpkins since we will have a new baby by then.  This was news to her mother who responded, “There aren’t going to be any new babies until Noah is in school!”

Typically Daddy has done some of the carving but I was working in Vernon at the sausage plant and so Mommy ran the entire operation.  I regret to say that I think the carvings are the best yet.  There goes my artistic skills confidence.  At least I have my nun-chuck skills to fall back on.

In my defense, Paige says the new carving tool worked way better than the ones we have used in the past.  I think I’m going to get relegated to the the “scraping out the pumpkins’ guts” task anyway.

Don’t forget to notice Parker’s pumpkin and its two teeth, just like him.

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