Ask an Atheist?

How much do you know about the subject of…religion?  Not necessarily your religion, but religion in general.

Earlier this year the Pew Research Center attempted to answer this question as far as Americans go.  They designed a 15 question quiz that they asked 3,412 randomly selected adults in the United States last May.

Then, as usual, they sorted all the information gleaned from the survey by age, race, geography, religion, etc.  Here are a few highlights from their study:

  • Atheists/Agnostics scored the highest on the quiz on religion…go figure.
  • Jews came in second
  • Mormons came in third
  • Hispanic Catholics and Black Protestants came in last

I took the 15 question quiz and missed one.  Maybe if I converted to Judaism I would known a little more about the First Great Awakening.  You can take the quiz here.  Feeling brave?  Leave your results in a comment.


6 thoughts on “Ask an Atheist?

  1. Dave and I took this quiz a week or so ago. I missed 2, the great awakening one and the what religion are Pakistanis are. I felt pretty dumb missing that last one. Dave missed one, not the Great awakening question, on which he guessed and got it right. So I figured that was pretty even for us. Ithink the original quiz that they did in the study was twice as long. I’d like to see how I would do on that one.

    • Yes, you are right. The “real” quiz was longer. I think there were more questions on Bible characters, for example. One of the study results showed that Mormons know the Bible better than creedal Christians.

      I would like to take the whole quiz too.

  2. I took the qiuz and missed 2….for 93?. I also missed the “Great Awakening”……..and the Bible as lit in schools….

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