Sun Sets on Summer

On Friday my Period 5 Geometry Honors class had just rolled in from lunch and the bell had yet to begin.  They sat there waiting so I decided to do a little “chit-chat” to get to know them as it was only the third day of school.   ”

Is anyone doing anything fun for Labor Day weekend?”

Nobody had any plans!  (or wanted to share them)  I said to them that they really ought to do something fun as Labor Day is often regarded as the unofficial end of summer.  With that I decided on a little fun:  Usually I have a bag of candy in my desk to give away as prizes when I need one but having no candy I pulled out a dollar bill and offered it to the first student who could answer my question.

They were all pretty excited by this point (surprising that a lone dollar can do so much) and they all figured, since they were so smart, that they could answer my question without a problem.  So I popped the question:

What is the official NAME of the end of summer (or start of fall)?  It turns out that they’re not as smart as they thought and I kept my dollar.

Best answer: autumnal equinox, but I would have taken equinox.

In any event, the Ferkin Family had some Labor Day plans and headed up to Monrovia for some mountain biking (me) and some swimming (everyone) at Grandpa Rick and Grandma Diane’s.

I biked up Monrovia Canyon past Sawpit Dam.  It was pretty steep but what really got me were the mosquitoes.

The swimming was fun as you will see in the pictures and probably there will still be a few more swims before the weather hangs up our suits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watch the short video (8 sec) in HD fullscreen if you like 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sun Sets on Summer

  1. Ben thought that Noah was awesome! We watched that several times. He also refered to you as Noah’s Grampa, as we watched slow mo reverse.

  2. One of those pictures has Noah with his mouth wide open as he’s hitting the water–> looks like fun! I noticed that that diving board is a higher than standard issue board –> kid’
    s got skillz

    • Yes, it is higher. I’d say it’s about 3 ft off the water, but Noah never even hesitates.

      It would be a fun experiment to see just how high up he would go before being afraid.

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