Hot Sulfur & Other Delights

Our second day at Yellowstone was spent in another area of the park known as the “Grand Canyon” of Yellowstone.  Running through the canyon was a good sized river with two waterfalls.  We even hiked down into the canyon part way to get a different view of the Lower Falls.  On our way back we stopped off at a couple of other geothermal sites including one that exhausted hot sulfur gas.  Emily wasn’t a fan of the smell for some reason.

You will also notice two extra photographs that weren’t taken at Yellowstone.  One is a picture of the Grand Tetons.  We exited Yellowstone at the end of our vacation via the road that passes through the Grand Tetons National Park and so I snapped a picture of the range.  Beautiful!

We also got off the beaten path (I-15) on our way back home through Utah and passed by the Manti Temple and there is a photograph of it as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is video from a few of our stops this day in Yellowstone.  It is high definition so it will look pretty good if you put in on full-screen.


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