Slip ‘n’ Slide

We are home from our 2 week, interstate, multi-family, national park vacation so its time to take a crack at giving our report.

The Ferkin Family started its adventure in Idaho for the Seely Family reunion, centered around Burley where Paige’s brother and sister live.  Our first day of activities was, I think, the funnest for Emily and Noah–a water slide.

A local sod farmer took some of his property, which included several sloping hills, and constructed a simple amusement park.  It is comprised of a couple of huge water slides, a covered picnic area, a zip line, and lots of beautiful grass.

The highlight are the slides.  Now when you hear “water slide” you might start thinking of something like Raging Waters but instead you should think slip ‘n’ slide.  One is about 100 yards long and the other is about 150.  The slides are made of a slick but thick plastic material and the farmer piped water to the top of them.  One can descend the slide on his tummy or butt or whatever or ride a tube.  It works great!  I don’t know if you can get an idea of the speed from the pictures but the slides are pretty fast.  (Stupid gadget guy didn’t have his video camera charged)

Noah and Emily pretty much rode the slide, hopped up, walked back up the hill and rode again for 3 hours straight.  Noah cried when we left.  It was a great kick-off to our vacation.

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Here is a quick video of Emily going down the slide, sorry no autofocus.


3 thoughts on “Slip ‘n’ Slide

    • I was surprised that the farmer didn’t have liability problems. I guess by not charging admission it allows participants to have fun at their own risk. All they asked for was a donation.

      I was also surprised that someone would go to the trouble to make such a great place and it not be for profit.

      We went to a similar place the next day. I will post about it later.

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