Delusions of Grandeur

I’m not quite sure how Fawn managed to channel her swimming pool boasts to my daughter but you should have heard it.

“I’m going to dive right in as soon as we get there.”

“I’m going to swim in the deep end!”

Fawn would have been proud of the bravado and maybe even the wussying out when confronted with the actual water.

We did enjoy our swim up at Grandpa Ricks house this Memorial Day, kicking off our Summer with Water Wings and our Killer Whale Torpedo, just the way your supposed to.  We were joined by Paige’s sister Marianne and her daughter Piper who is convalescing from her recent surgery at CHOC.

I even snuck away from Monrovia to check out the mountain bike road up to Mount Wilson…we’ll see, it’s a lot taller than the Whittier Hills.

Enjoy some pictures from our day.

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2 thoughts on “Delusions of Grandeur

  1. It is the wussing out that actually makes the story similar, right? If she jumped right in and swam like a fish she’d be channelling Flint. So of course I am proud of her!!!!

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