Cousin Caravan

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During our trip to Utah we took advantage of being so close to our family in Idaho to meet up with some of them.  We rendezvoused with Marianne and her gaggle in Ogden, about an hour north of Salt Lake City.  Across from the LDS temple there is a neat museum called the Treehouse Museum.

It was a pretty fancy place.  As you might expect, in the center of the museum was a great, big (fake) tree with a stairway inside it where you could go to different floors in the building.  The place is designed to give children a place to play, explore, and discover.  There was a music room, a big map of the United States, an art room, a rodeo zone, train toys, animal toys, exhibits from different countries where kids could dress up in clothes among a lot of other things.

The cousins had a good time playing together and we got to meet Piper for the first time.  Marianne and Jarrod had adopted her from China a few months ago.

After spending a couple of hours in the museum we headed over to Chuck-a-Rama, a Utah buffet that we like.  Emily even brought me a plate of green jello, which wasn’t easy because it was so popular.

More to follow…


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