Green Jello Or Bust!

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The Ferkin Family took the opportunity to visit the Rueckerts during this year’s Spring Break.  We packed up the Sienna and headed out on Saturday morning.  The trip is about 700 miles and we are pleased to report that it took us about 10 hours…we made good time.  There is, after all, a science to eating, getting gas, changing diapers, going to the bathroom, and feeding Parker all at the same time to minimize stops.

We figured out that I hadn’t been to Utah for 3 years.  This was also one of the first times I had been there NOT during the summer.

On the way up Emily and I decided we would try to cram in as many Utah green jello jokes as we could during our week stay.  Before we knew it even Noah was joining in.  He even told one tonight.

Noah: Knock, knock.

Me: Who’s there?

Noah: Green Jello!

Everyone: laughing

In case you don’t get the joke, it is said that Utah is #1 in America for per capita consumption of Jello (watch your hooves, horses!)  They also had a pin during their Winter Olympics in honor of the green variety.

Anyway, our arrival at the Rueckerts home in Herriman, UT also coincided with some snow as you see in the pictures above.  Emily and Noah got to see falling snow for the first time in their lives–pretty fun!

Grandpa Joe had also come up to Utah for the week.  We are both investigating buying some property in Provo, UT as an investment.  It was fun to see the battles with the grandchildren, particularly Owen and Noah who enjoy the rough play.

More from the week to follow…


6 thoughts on “Green Jello Or Bust!

  1. Looks like a fun family trip. You are brave to go so many miles with all the little ones. And, did I hear, Provo and investment in the same sentence? Maybe it’s changed since I lived there 3 years ago. (:

  2. Hiya! Sorry we missed you guys while you were up here – the pics are great and the kids are ADORABLE! We are hoping to put together a digital “picture frame” for Grandma Millie for Mother’s Day. It only holds a Gig and would love it if you could send us some .jpg pics of all Ferkin family members together (group pics) – especially those that have Grandma in them. We can add some digital video clips too and saw what you did with 8mm. AWESOME! Just send what you can to my gmail email address okay? Love you guys!

    • We’re sorry we missed you too. Despite being in your neck of the woods for 6 days, it seemed like a busy trip.

      Our real estate research ate up a lot of our time and plans.

      I’ll start working on sending you a batch of pictures.

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