Math in the Bath

Well maybe not in the bath but at your house instead of class?  That is basically the idea.

My math department at the high school is fairly tech savvy.  We seem to be well connected with the office on campus that has a lot of discretionary funding and so we have had lots of gadgets purchased for us.  I have an LCD projector, a camera and program that acts like a “Scantron” machine that attaches to the computer, a wireless writing tablet, and a document camera.  Frankly it is great and gives me lots of tools to deliver math content to my students.  Some of these gadgets I think I could not teach without now.

Just lately the department has begun to experiment with online delivery of math content via videos.  As it stands I can see two effective uses of videos for teaching math:

  1. Leaving a lesson on DVD for a substitute to show to students when I am gone
  2. placing answers and solutions online for students to do their own customized review

So this past week I put up online my first videos.  I wasn’t sure what the results would be and I won’t necessarily continue it unless I believe it is an effective medium for helping students.  Anyway, below is posted one of my videos.  What do you think?  If you were a student would it be helpful?

You can even watch the video “full screen.”  It comes out pretty clear if you switch from 360p to 720p HD.


2 thoughts on “Math in the Bath

  1. That was pretty cool. Wish they had that when I was in school. Makes me miss my math days.

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