A Few Years Back

The Ferkin Family recently had a large collection of 8mm film video recordings transferred to digital files.  We had been interested in doing so for several reasons.  First of all, film does not last forever and converting them to digital files that never degrade is a perfect way to preserve them.

Also, digital files can be edited and shared so much more easily.  Our 8mm projector still works but some day it will not and getting such old equipment repaired is not easy or cheap.

I am a fan of Leo Laporte, a technology commentator, and he recommended on his show a company that does tranfers.  Since he knows what he is talking about, and I believed him to have discriminating tastes as far as quality goes we paid a premium to have Legacy Digital Productions do our transfer.  We are pretty satisfied with what we got 🙂 .

Our project was recently completed and I am now in the process of taking the digitized video, which is silent, and editing it and putting it on DVD.  In the meantime I thought I would share some Moments from Ferkin History Past here on the family website.

The videos range from the early 1970s to the early 1980s.  This first video to be shown here on the family website shows Field (and Fawn) at the zoo when he was 2 in 1982.  I think he touched every goat in the place.


7 thoughts on “A Few Years Back

  1. awesome video… field reminded me of isaac when we went to the petting zoo. i cant wait to see the rest– how many minutes do you we have of these movies? just noticed that it is 33 degrees out UT– sorry fawn– HEY WE NEED A BOAT THIS SUMMER— I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!! nice picture of the ol’ duck hunter and fam– we need a boat bad!!!!

    • I can’t take it anymore either. And the good news is we don’t have to do to much to get the new boat going. Just have to fix that spline issue.

      There are approximately 2 and a half hours of footage…I’m working on it.

      I might just put it on DVD silent and unedited so you have a copy, then when I finish with an edited version give that to you too.

    • Yes, this is the one we would watch over and over again in reverse. I plan on recreating the effect once I edit the digital files. It is really funny backwards.

      I guess I should start getting another one ready to put up.

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