The Cedar Beast

I finally finished the Fence on the side of my yard–a few months ago the wind decided to help me with my aging fence and lent a hand by doing some of the demolition. Then Grandpa Joe and Jared Thomas (big thanks to both) came over and with the help of Greenback rentals, we dug in and concreted 13 or so  “Z” posts that i had chosen to provide the support of the cedar beast. Grandpa Joe finished his “vacation” by stringing up the runners and the baseboards.  Leaving me with the rest… the rain being nice and consistent… just how i didn’t like it, had me checking the weather and leaving work early on a day with sunshine. It felt like any waking moment over the last 6 weeks, if it wasn’t raining and no other higher priority loomed i was out there slapping up the  400 planks of cedar and the 2 gates (1 single 1 double). I found working on the fence to be quite enjoyable, so when a few people offered to help– i kindly told them to get lost and go find their own fun 🙂 the most enjoyable part for me was building the Gates– they were a blast to build and delivered a great satisfaction when they completed — all in all, we have a fence that actually keeps Isaac in the backyard, an extra gate that provides access where there was none, less useless area with grass to mow, and about 700 more sq feet to our backyard. — oh yeah, and it looks way better than what we had… we will be paint/staining it as soon as the rains break and the wood dries out.


3 thoughts on “The Cedar Beast

  1. Wow. The fence came out looking nice! Looks real straight.

    Are those blocks underneath the fence on the far end?

    What color are you going to paint it?

    • thx, there are no blocks — all wood– the bottom of the fence is a pressure treated 2×12 ran along the entire length of the fence all the way to the double gate. the main reason why the old fence failed was caused by rot that was came from leaves and debris gathering by the bottom of the fence– the normal untreated wood never got dry and rotted and weakened. that won’t happen again with the Cedar Beast– I am not sure about the color– Alli bought it– I think it is a tinted stain– so you will still be able to see the grain of the wood but it will have a redish brown tint to it.

  2. That is a nice fence. What an accomplishment! Smart placement too, adding to your backyard and cutting down on the mowing. Now for the annoying big sister comment, next time put a couple kids in front of the fence for the picture, please.!

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