Disappearing Distractions

Being a frugal Ferkin, one of my fav’s is jumping on craigslist and searching for any sweet deals– I would get caught up in it or in any other web browsing  that i thought was interesting.  Or, click on an email from Summit Racing or NewEgg.  Although i found some good deals, learned plenty about market forecasts, got facebooked and you tubed, i found that my days were getting shorter with less work done. — so…as a resolution for the new year,  i found this new add-on to FireFox that is called ProCon Latte. this program was designed to be a web browser filter for violence, profanity, pornography etc. which a great thing to have on your computer anyways.  the program has a “whitelist” that allows the user have access to desired sites. So, what i did was block ALL websites except for the ones i use for work. Once i did this, i was impressed with the time savings and lack of distractions i have in my day. I was also impressed on how many times i would fall prey to a well designed email campaign. I had always felt that i was well focused at work (being self-employed requires staying on track to some degree)  however, when i click to go check on a FFN post that i just got emailed, it recognizes the website as a “non-work”  website, it automatically re-routes me to Hartfordinvestor.com and i get right back to work. After this scenario happened a few times, i realized the value of what i had just done. The program allows you to change settings when needed by use of a password, so if there is a website that i need for work that is not on my “whitelist” i can add it. I have seen great strides in production since i did this and i would venture that i would not be the only one that could use this help.  If anyone needs the help of not  knowing their password just let me know — so the next time you get an email from amazon/ebay  you don’t lose ten min.s of your day.


One thought on “Disappearing Distractions

  1. At my work the internet is filtered so most of the websites that I would want to go to are automatically blocked so I don’t even have the opportunity to waste time :-).

    It is definitely true, though, that unless we have a plan and goal the internet can take more of our time that we really want.

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