That Didn’t Sound Right…

I guess it’s inevitable that when one talks for a living, like I do, that once in a while something will be said that gets a pretty good laugh, even unintentionally.

On a side note I sometimes wonder just how many words I say in a day.  It has to be a lot.  I know at the beginning of the school year, or even after a couple of weeks off for Christmas (whoops, sorry to mention that to the non-gov’t workers in the audience) I have to make sure I drink plenty of water until my voice box gets back in shape.

Anyway, back to the story.  Last Friday I was teaching a lesson about circles to one of my geometry classes.  It was the beginning of the chapter so I was going over some basic circle vocabulary that they would need for the rest of the chapter.  I got to the word, “chord,” which is a segment whose endpoints are ON the circle.  To liven things up I explain that the word is pronounced “cord” not “chore d” (with a “ch” like church).  Now they already know this, but I say it anyway because it is kind of funny to hear someone say “ch”ord.

So this was already the 4th class I had used this little funny on, but some kid in the front row, sitting near where I am standing there talking, hears me pronounce the word like that and he says, “That sounds like ‘chorizo’.”

For the gringos in the audience chorizo is Mexican sausage.

So being the witty guy that I am I tease the student back by saying, “Hey, hey…keep your sausage to yourself.”

Now this comment was perfectly innocent and I pretty much thought it up right on the spot and said it instantly but as soon as my ears heard what my mouth had just said I realized that it didn’t sound right.  Did I mention the student was a boy?

Well we had a pretty good laugh about that one.


2 thoughts on “That Didn’t Sound Right…

  1. i know what you are talking about– in my seminary class we have an almost daily tradition of writing good or just plan funny quotes from me or students that come up– for example today we were learning from Alma 43 that talks about the Nephites and them wearing armor when they battle the Lamanites. We also learned that the Lamanites didn’t have armor and they were injured more severely in war than the Nephites. I posed the question “So how can we apply that to our lives?” One of the boys in the front of the class blurted out “Don’t fight when you are naked!” that comment made it to the board and got some laughs–

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