A couple of fun stories involving the Ferkin Family children from today:

Emily’s kindergarten class now takes a spelling test on Friday.  Last Friday was her first test and she got all of her words right!

Her teacher gives the students the list of about 6 words on Monday and then they get tested on Friday.  We had a fun laugh about one of the words on her first test last week: “a.”

Kind of reminds me of those Jeopardy Saturday Night Live sketches with Will Ferrell as Alex Trebec.

Anyway, on my way out the door to work this morning I said to Emily, “Good luck on your spelling test.”

She immediately grunted and said in an indignant tone, “I don’t need luck.  I know the words.”  Sheesh!  I was just trying to be a nice, supportive dad.

I guess there will be no more wishing the kindergartner luck.  I’ll have to come up with something else to say.


After kindergarten today, Paige took the kids to the local ice cream shop.  Emily has periodically had trouble getting going in the morning so we decided to try an incentive to help her with her challenge.  If she is ready to walk out the door at 7:40am like she is supposed to for 5 days she gets to go and get ice cream.

Our initial thought was to make it 5 consecutive days but I think we’ve decided to just make it 5 days and then once she is better and taming her emotions in the morning, when she is tired, we will add the challenge of being ready on consecutive days.  So far she is doing much better than she was.

Anyway at the ice cream shop this afternoon Paige and the kids were getting ready to leave when a girl (probably about 20 years old) walked in with I guess what could be considered a hairstyle and makeup that are on the extreme side of things.  Paige said the girl’s hair was highlighted so that it had sharply defined streaks.  Her makeup was also very exaggerated, with a lot of dark eye shadow that extended beyond her eyelid.  Paige thinks the girl was trying to look good and was probably executing her “look” just the way she wanted.

So here’s the exciting part.  Noah looks up at the girl and takes it all in.  Then pointing with his finger at the girl calls over to his mother, “Monster, mommy!

At this point Paige is trying to get to him to quiet him up without drawing even more attention to what is going on and he repeats it a couple more times so he is sure she has heard him.  Yikes!

Paige said the girl either didn’t notice him (he was behind her) or she ignored him.



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