You’ll Wake Up 6

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The new year brings Emily and I a birthday in January, on consecutive days no less.  We managed to have separate birthday celebrations this year, which is probably good for Emily.

Emily was especially excited about her birthday this year.  She had been talking about it, it seems, before Christmas.  The mere mention of it to her elicited an automatic smile.  In fact she would react so excitedly to hear her birthday brought up that it became a little bit of a game for her family.  On the night before her birthday I said to her, “Emily, tomorrow you will wake up 6!”  She almost levitated off the ground.

My birthday celebration was on Sunday and coincided with Flint, Alli, & Co being in town for her brother Evan’s wedding.  We had a delicious steak dinner and finished the night off with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake.  I think everyone left full.

Then on the subsequent Saturday we had family over for cake for Emily.  Paige made a fancy “checkerboard” cake that was even topped with custom lady bugs shipped in from a certain cake maker in Herriman, UT.

For Christmas Emily received a lot of clothing so it was fun to see her get mostly toys for her birthday.  We both enjoyed our special days.

On a side note, you may have noticed that FFN has not had as many posts of late.  Part of the reason is my new computer–a Dell XPS 8000.  We got our last computer right before Emily was born and it served us well.  With Windows latest version getting good reviews we decided to get a new computer for Christmas.  After quite a bit of shopping we settled on the Dell.  Quad core processor (Intel i5-750), 8GB ram, 1TB hard drive, graphics card with 1mb, and a new 22″ wide screen display.  Boy it is fast!  To render one of my slideshows for DVD it did the work 7 times faster than my old computer.  Wow.

In any event, I had to get some new photography software to go with the computer and so that has delayed posting to Ferkin Family News.


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