Lemon Lapse

[rockyou id=155807105&w=500&h=375]

As is our yearly tradition (see a year ago or 2 years ago), we picked and juiced the lemons in Grandpa Art and Grandma Dot’s backyard.  The good ol’ tree produced another bumper crop and we extracted nearly 5 gallons of pure juice (which will make a lot of lemonade).

Paige has already started on then next job of freezing the juice into cubes and then packaging it into ziplock bags that hold exactly the right amount for a pitcher of lemonade.

We tried to coax Grandpa Art (92 yrs old) into helping us and he did for a short while before quitting.  Grandma even reminded him that it is in the Bible that if you don’t work, you don’t get to eat but I don’t think he looked worried about his next meal.

I teased him by asking if he’d ever worked a day in his life.  He thought that was funny.

Per my latest kick I took another time lapse video with my little camera.  See if you can spot the little dogs that barked and snapped at me while I was picking lemons.  I won’t share with you any of the evil thoughts I had about the sweet animals.


5 thoughts on “Lemon Lapse

    • Using your DSLR actually requires some fancy equipment and software.

      I think lots of little point & shoot cameras have the feature, it’s just that most of us don’t try it out.

      The nice thing about my little Canon is it takes all the pictures and produces the video all automatically and internally. Pretty easy!

    • I know! We were reminded, though, of how cold it was last time with Alli and Isaac helping. That was a cold, wet January day in Whittier.

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