Hi-Speed Ham

I set our little Canon camera up in the kitchen during our party for Parker’s blessing and set it to time-lapse.  The camera took a picture every 2 seconds and then made a video out of it.


5 thoughts on “Hi-Speed Ham

  1. That was really cool. I want to try that with my camera. I think I even saw Fawn in there. That song brought me back to high school days.

  2. I think a lot of people have a time-lapse setting on their camera and just don’t know about it.

    It is kind of a novelty but it is fun to play around with. All I had to do was set my camera to video and then it is one of the options. It isn’t even buried deep in a menu. My camera gives me two choices on the interval: 1 or 2 seconds.

  3. man that is pretty sweet! i was trying to calculate how long some of us fat kids were standing by the food– i am pretty sure i stole the cake on that competition–

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