[rockyou id=155413714&w=500&h=375]

The Friday after Thanksgiving we wrapped up our day at the park with a bonfire.  Normally we have fires on Mom & Dad’s back patio in the fireplace.  But this time the location was the cement pad that was poured for the batting cage.  It worked pretty well and we made the fire as big as we wanted(!).

We had a good time talking and I played with my camera, including taking lots of pictures of the fire.  It was fun to see the different images made with fast shutter speeds and others with slow ones.


2 thoughts on “Fire!

  1. Nice way to add a little something extra to just sitting around and visiting…and a great way to make it fun for the kids. I think we need some fireside chats here in Sacramento. I wonder if that might have to be a spring-fall kind of thing around here.
    Loved your pictures. I want a copy of Alli and Colin.

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