Mailbox Railbox

I guess it was only a couple of weeks ago when I found an invitation in my school mailbox.  Across the top it read: Ethnic Minority Membership Reception.  It was a flyer/invitation to some sort of party at a nearby hotel sponsored by the union of which I am a former 🙂 member (aka CTA).  I glanced around and saw that it was in all the other teachers’ boxes.


To be honest I had a hard time getting mad about the invitation because more than anything it just puzzled me.  What is an ethnic minority membership reception?  I still don’t know.  I am almost tempted to go just so I can figure it out.

The nice thing is that if you can’t summon any outrage you sometimes find that somebody else has some for you.  It turns out that another teacher at my school didn’t appreciate the invitation.  In fact it irked him enough that he went home and concocted his own invitation in an effort to make a point.  Of course I didn’t know this until I found it the next day in my mailbox.


If only I always got fun stuff like this in my mailbox.  He really put some good thought into his invitation.  There are lots of good details to give you a chuckle.  I’m not sure how many teachers even picked up on the fact that the second invitation was a spoof on the first one with a political message to boot.


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