To Hyperglycemia & Beyond

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We had a busy 2-day Halloween celebration this year.  But let’s start with the costumes.  Emily dressed as Snow White.  A friend of ours in our previous ward who is the grandmother of one of Emily’s friends made a beautiful Snow White dress for her.  The dress was custom made for her and fit her like a glove.  Norma Rogers is a very skilled seamstress!

Noah was Buzz Lightyear.  We borrowed the costume from Paige’s cousin.  I believe it was made by her other cousin, Kristen, who now lives in Minnesota.  We ordered the inflatable Buzz Lightyear wings off the Internet and we all agree that they really set the costume off.

Everybody loved his costume at the “Trunk-or-Treat” this evening which made for a bashful Noah.  When the wings arrived earlier this week we strapped them on and then watched him run around for about an hour shouting, “To infinity and beyond…” except that when he said it it was more like, “To ee  on!”  I think he liked it as much as he entertained us.

We double dipped on the church Halloween parties this year.  Our own ward, in La Mirada, had a Halloween party on Friday night and then we made a trip across town for our old ward’s Trunk-or-Treat which was this evening, Saturday.

After the Trunk-or-Treat we made the usual stops at Grandpa Art and Grandma Dot’s and also stopped at Grandpa Joe and Grandma Julie’s so everyone could see the outfits.

Earlier in the week we carved pumpkins, stay tuned for that in a subsequent post.  I also dressed up at school for the first time ever and I will post about that later too.


One thought on “To Hyperglycemia & Beyond

  1. That is THE CUTEST Buzz I have ever seen! Oh my he is scrumtious!!! Emily, you are stunning as usual! You truly ARE a princess!

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