Named At Last

I said to Paige that it can be a little frustrating to people that we haven’t given our son a name even though we knew he’d need one for the last 9 months.

We had worked with some ideas the last couple of months, but just to be sure we read through my Mom’s book of 6,500 names just to be sure.  Sometimes it isn’t easy to agree.

We were sure about his middle name, though.  I’ve always thought of Paige’s grandfather, Darrell, as our great benefactor. I felt strongly about giving the new baby boy his great-grandfather’s name for his middle name.

We ultimately went with a first name that we have liked for a while.

His name is Parker.

Parker Darrell Ferkin.

Along the way we had some good laughs.  You can come up with some pretty good combinations when you are reading though a book with so many names.

Here are some that we got a chuckle out of:

Faulkner Ferkin

Tucker Ferkin (do NOT say this out loud fast five times)

Hussein Darrell Ferkin–we figured this would make it tough on Grandpa–his own name mixed with a certain president he didn’t vote for (to say the least).

In any event, the kid is named.


5 thoughts on “Named At Last

  1. I love it– well worth the wait– first thing i thought of was Parker AZ– that made me happy– can’t wait to meet the kid

  2. I love it! Plus he’s almost completely named after grandpa since Parker is pretty close to Parks 🙂
    Good job guys! He’s a cutie.

    • I know. Grandpa is hoping that his nickname will be “Parky” since that was his nickname. Just a good coincidence that his first name sounds like Grandpa’s last name!

  3. Omg ( oh my goodness) that is such a cute honey bunny name… Parker. Well congrats on the new arrival, I hope it will be ok if I come over sooner than later. Tried to give you guys time to adjust but… I am going crazy without seeing the family let Paige know to call me when it is a good time. 🙂

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