Speede Delivery

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Our baby boy was born early this morning (Monday, 28 Sep 2009) at 12:30am.  He weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20½ inches long.

Our little guy came quick.  In fact had he come any quicker this post would no doubt tell a wild story.

Paige’s water broke at 9:30pm.  Patiently and deliberately we got everything together over the next hour and a half.  Grandma Julie arrived to be with Emily and Noah, we loaded up the car, and finally started our short trip to St. Jude in Fullerton.  While driving in the car Paige’s contractions began to come at regular intervals and with some power.  We arrived at the hospital at 11:30pm.

We got up to the labor and delivery room at 11:45—45 minutes later our baby boy would be taking his first breaths.

That makes 3 hours from water breaking to delivery and a little over an hour of labor-like contractions.  Speede Delivery!

This afternoon and evening lots of loving family came to see us and our son.  It was nice to visit with everyone and receive their warm wishes and congratulations.

Paige and I continue to work on what we will name our son so stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Speede Delivery

    • Congrats he looks wonderful i can’t wait to find out his name . we are still thinking of coming to see him the end of oct. that is if Parkers surgery gos well. his heart surgery is oct.2 we will keep you posted.

  1. Congratulations. We wish all of you the best. I’ll have to view your post at home since my work connection blocks some of your pictures.

  2. I heard that Emily wants to name him Joseph. I told Dad that he shouldn’t use a five year old like that. He is beautiful, can’t wait to meet him.

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