While I was sitting in the dugout at my Thursday evening softball game I recalled that my teammate is an LAPD officer so I asked him, “Hey, is it dangerous to go to Koreatown at 10 o’clock at night?”

“Well, it’s in LA so the answer is yes.  But it’s not as dangerous as where I patrol in Watts.”

His answer was not as comforting as I had hoped.

I had received a call earlier that day from a man in Koreatown who said he would buy Grandpa Darrell’s couch that I was advertising on Craigslist but that I would need to deliver it. I reminded him that he would have to pay extra for delivery.

He tried to talk me down $5 on my delivery price and it worked since I had been trying to sell the couch for over a month.  I asked him if I could deliver it that night around 10pm and he said that would be fine.  Because he was  Korean (go figure) our phone conversation was a little tricky.  For example while he was giving me his address I thought his street was Wilshire.  But then he spelled it for me I realized it was Virgil.  This part of the post will be funnier if you try to say Virgil with a Korean accent out loud.

Dad helped me make the delivery since that red work truck he bought from Flint has a long, flat bed.  We arrived in the neighborhood that night and discovered that Koreatown isn’t that scary at all.  About a block from the apartment building where the man lives, in fact, is a street with big, beautiful houses that you might see in the old part of Whittier.

Thanks to GoogleMaps we reached our destination in one straight shot.  We pulled the couch down and the man with his teenage son and granddaughter gave the couch a try.  He got a big smile on his face that showed he was very happy with his purchase.

On the way home Dad drove me past the Disney Concert Hall.  On our way there we discovered that some of the other neighborhoods around Koreatown ARE scary.  There was one corner where about 60 people where just squatting on the sidewalk.  It was pretty weird to see so many people out in one spot so late at night.

Downtown Los Angeles with all its big buildings and hilly roads is actually quite attractive.  The city must patrol it pretty strictly because it looked really nice even though it is only a few blocks from places that look bad.DisneyConcertHall

Dad had served jury duty just recently and they had all the jurors park in the Disney parking lot that is below the concert hall.  The concert hall has curvy, metal walls and is a site to see.

Having sold the couch I’m just about to the end of my sale of used stuff.  I sure have sold a lot, not solely on Craigslist, but mostly.  And a lot of the stuff I’ve sold belonged to Grandpa who gives me a good commission for my efforts.

How much have I sold since our move last spring?  $1875! (I’ve been keeping meticulous records.)

Everything I’ve ever listed on Craigslist has sold!  I have had to lower a price a few times but I have definitely gained an appreciation for that website’s usefulness.


2 thoughts on “Wilshire??

  1. Congratulations for Parker’s arrival.
    I think the Disney Music Hall looks like something out of ToonTown and I still laugh that it was originally shiny, but all the A/C in surrounding buildings went crazy, so they had to buff off the shine to fix that problem!!! Ah Modern Architecture!

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