Emily Hits the Books

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Emily started school this past week.  She had highly anticipated this event all summer long and would often talk about both of us going to school.

We could tell she was a little bit anxious about school but that feeling was mostly overwhelmed by how excited she was.

Our kids for the most part go to bed at the same time we do, but Emily has been very purposeful about going to bed early so that she will be ready for school.  We tell her, “Okay, Emily, it is 9 o’clock.”  And off to bed she goes.

Her first couple of days at school have gone pretty smoothly.  She says that she is quiet at school.  Emily has a strong personality but she is definitely a rule follower (at least at this point).  I think it will be pretty easy for her to submit herself to what is expected of her in the classroom.

We wondered how Noah would react to not having his sister around but he seems to like having the run of the house to for a few hours.

It was time to go pick Emily up from school the other day and Paige asked him if they should go pick her up.  He said no.

We hope he enjoys his monopoly on his mother because, poor guy, it will be very short lived.


2 thoughts on “Emily Hits the Books

  1. School, i got a quote from LDS youth gems:

    “The thirst for education can be a blessing or a curse, depending on our motives. If we continue to seek learning to serve God and His children better, it is a blessing of great worth. If we seek learning to exalt ourselves alone, it leads to selfishness and pride.”
    Henry B. Eyring, “Real-Life Education,” New Era, Apr. 2009, 4

    • That is an interesting quote. I think most of us only think of education in positive terms. How could knowledge be a curse?

      But if knowledge makes one more prideful, or less dependent on God it is plain to see that it truly would be a curse.

      Like money, our reason for acquiring knowledge matters.

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