Summer Ain’t Over

We took our little point & shoot camera out in the waves with the waterproof bag we bought  and I think the videos turned out pretty good.  They are definitely a lot closer to the action than if the shots were coming from the shore.

We did find out it is not so easy to take the video of someone riding a wave at the same time as the wave is crashing in to you.


5 thoughts on “Summer Ain’t Over

  1. Owen “totally” thought that video was awesome. I didn’t realize I was raising a valley girl. He also wants Emily to come for a visit for three days.
    That was a really fun video. I enjoyed the almost knocked over parts best.

    • Yeah, basically you just have to sacrifice your body to get the shot.

      The waves weren’t huge that day, but they were big enough to give you a big wallup if you left yourself out there taking the pictures.

  2. hey!!! who is impersonating(sp?) me!! who needs to live in soCal when you got video? no drive– no cold — no chaeff(sp?) what to miss beside the skinny dipping– Please don’t film that — that was not a request

    • I think that other person you live with did the impersonating… chaeff? are you joking me. You could at least try to spell things correctly.

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