The Ferkinizer II

sd000153.jpgThe birth of the first Ferkinizer was in the summer of 1997, — Three Ferkin generations witnessed the birth– Arthur, Joseph and Flint. the 1969 Malibu was towed home by the our Trusted ol’ yeller and the legend began.

Following it’s Predecessor– Ferkinizer II arrived in the same manner– This time taking the shape of a 1973 C20 shortbed. This beast hosts a monster 454 powerplant that exceeds the last by 149 ci. The legend continues…


10 thoughts on “The Ferkinizer II

    • yep i am super excited to get this truck going– it has a 350 trans with 3.73 rear ratio– i will be have a hard making the tires stick even if they are 275’s — the truck even came with an extra set of Mag wheels– not bad looking 5 spoke star shape– i think they are 15 x 10’s! crazy wide!

    • I envision the truck being his when he gets his lic. Never to young to start this kind of labor of love– Alli thinks i am nuts for getting the truck — so i justified it a little by saying it was for my B-day– i also told her that she is good on B-day presents until Isaac or Colin buy the truck off me– 🙂

  1. Frekinizer:

    If I remember correctly, the Freekinizer I was a little too much for you to handle. How will you ever keep FII under control?

  2. who’s this stingray guy eh? Ferkinizer’s live great and die great– the leaf spring rear suspension should provide sufficient repellent ( and hopefully 10 years of wisdom too?)

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