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Freesia turned 21 this past week and we celebrated the landmark on Sunday.  There were two special guests at the party: Aunt Susie, my mother’s little sister who is visiting from Utah and Freesia’s boyfriend, Jordan.

Freesia’s birthday dinner included enchiladas (a mild pan and a hot pan topped with jalapeños), Spanish rice, a salad with Paige’s beloved Cilantro-Pepita Dressing, and sparkling grape juice.

Most of the activity of the celebration revolved around either enjoying the food and each other’s company and subtly trying to embarrass Freesia in front of her boyfriend.  In fact there were more uses of the word “Cha” (a word from a made up language Freesia created in middle school that means “yes”) than has been heard in a long time.


2 thoughts on “CHA!

  1. ooh, can I have the recipe for Paige’s cilantro pepita dressing. That sounds good. I love how all your descriptions of family parties revolve around what food you eat.

  2. Mmmmm! sounds good– how was the spicy one? Doesn’t Freesia Turning 21 make you feel old!!!! Man I am old– I mean i am almost thirty!!!!! whoa– I might stop by for a visit next week wednesday night or Friday night– i will keep you posted

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