Sea World: Take 3

[rockyou id=141853031&w=500&h=375]

It is sometimes difficult to face the facts but “summer vacation” is winding down.  So we decided to make the last few weeks of summer count by going on a couple of short trips including one to Sea World in San Diego.

This is the second time we have bought Sea World’s “Fun Card” which pretty much means that for the price of admission (about $50 for an adult) you get to go as much as you want for the rest of the year.

Plus we spent$10  more and made one of the admission tickets “silver” because it includes parking which is $12.

We’ve now gone down to Sea World 3 times this year.  It is at least a 1½ hour drive each way but I think we feel like it is a fun day each time we go and worth the cost and time.

The silver pass scored us a bonus of a free portrait on the Shamu and one on a ride so you may notice those pictures in the slideshow.


3 thoughts on “Sea World: Take 3

  1. wow good deal, yep up here seminary starts this coming monday– time is running out– nice picture at the top of the blog– i am really enjoying the changes up there–

  2. yep, Book of Mormon this year, then Doctrine and Covenants, then maybe i will be released before i have the challenge of the old testament — I am really excited about this year– it will be great!

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