20K Leagues Under the Sea

Being the technophile that I am I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of taking a camera near or even into water.  I’d seen waterproof cases for cameras and been tempted to buy one but they usually cost more than $100.

Waterproof CaseSo when I saw this waterproof bag for cameras my curiosity was piqued.  The price was right (around $30) but my concern was whether it would work.  As you might imagine, if it didn’t work not only is the $30 a waste but so is your camera.  Seems like a pretty big risk to take.

I read some reviews of it though and none of them said it didn’t keep the water out so I picked one up.  Turns out it works pretty well.

We’ll be at Flints this coming week and I think it will work great on the family rafting trip we’re going to take on the American River.


7 thoughts on “20K Leagues Under the Sea

    • I think it’s pretty too, with all those oak trees and open space.

      It’s just that the 90 degrees at 10pm that’s not so pretty.

    • Ha Ha, that made me laugh. Actually I wouldn’t even consider placing either one of those cameras in a bag and taking it under water–too expensive!

      The camera I put in the bag is our little point and shoot Canon SD1100is and that took a leap of courage.

  1. That little point and shoot takes pretty good video. Can’t wait to see some footage of the American river.

    • Thanks.

      Part of why it looks good is that I went to the trouble of paying for a program called Quicktime Pro because it has the best ability to make a video file small but still preserve quality.

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